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27: More Project Ideas For your Advent Calendar Yarn

Hello and welcome! You’re listening to the Fairy Tale Knits show episode 27. First I want to tell you all about some changes. My shop name has changed, It was Fairy Tale Knits because when I started off I was selling indie dyed yarn and hand-knit items. I got tired of always knitting for other people and so I stopped selling hand knits and focused on yarn, so this change just makes more sense. I’m not sure if I’m going to change the name of this show or not and if I do what I’ll call it. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Click the picture to go to the bundle of patterns in my Ravelry Favorites.

Ok so let’s get into today’s episode! Today I’m going to share more patterns you can knit or crochet with your advent calendar yarn! If you are listening in Oct of 2019, and haven’t ordered your advent calendar yet, you can get a Monty Python one right now at

Now, most of these patterns are for the advent calendars that have 20-gram minis of fingering weight yarn. Some are for using a full hank and one or more minis. I’m also focusing on patterns that do NOT use the entire set. I will have a few that will, but most don’t so if you don’t like huge projects, I have lots of ideas for you! I do have another episode where I talk about projects that use an entire advent calendar and you can find that at Fairy tale yarn co. com/podcast14 And you can find links to everything I talk about and all these patterns in the show notes at I have 35 patterns for you today! To make it easier to see all the patterns on 1 page, I’ve created a bundle in my Ravelry favorites. I’ll have that linked on the show notes also. I’m going to start with crochet this time.

Crochet Patterns

Sunrise’s Promise

First up is Sunrise’s Promise. This is a sideways crocheted pattern that will work with pretty much any yarn you have. It could be made with a bunch of minis, you use your full hank or a mix of minis and a full hank. It calls for just 416 yards, but I talked to Anna the designer and she said you could easily keep working the pattern so you could make it as large as you’d like. I really like the versatility of this one and the simplicity will let the fun variegated yarn work up so nicely.


Next is Amaroo. Now this one I actually have a sample of in my booth at shows, so you may have seen it there. It’s also asymmetrical and worked sideways. This one is different because it uses 2 colors, it calls for 2 full hanks but this would be really cute if you picked 5 minis (that makes a full hank) and then worked that will the full hank of yarn. You could also choose 10 minis and work them up in it. What I’d do with any of the minis is to use up one full mini before moving to the next one.

Southern Lights Cowl

Next is Southern Lights Cowl. This one would be great with just minis! The stitch pattern will work nicely if you follow the set in numerical order because I’ve designed one color to work into the next.


Now we have Tranquille. I also have this pattern as a sample in my booth.
It also calls for 2 colors but it would work nicely with your full hank and a set of 5 minis, or 10 minis and work it like a fade! Both would make a really fun shawl

Madness Crochet Ripple Stitch Cowl

Our next crochet pattern is Mini-Skein Madness Crochet Ripple Stitch Cowl. This one calls for minis so it’s really perfect! It has a nice zig-zag stitch that will work with any colorway you want to use. What might be fun with this one is to take 6 minis, say days 11 through 16, and instead of using them straight in order switch it up. Work them in this order 11, 14, 16, 13, 15, and 12. What this will do is break up the colors more so that you see each colorway but they all will work together.

Turn & Wave

Now we have Turn & Wave. This is another one that calls for minis. She’s written it so your ends become tassels. This would be pretty as a fade or worked as I suggested for Mini-Skein Madness.

Boysenberry Bramble

Next, is Boysenberry Bramble. It’s a cowl that’s crocheted but looks a lot like entrelac knitting. It would make a fun project and it calls for 1350 yards so it will use a good bit of your yarn but still leave you with a little bit leftover.


Next is Doppler this is another that I have as a sample in my booth. It’s also worked sideways to make an asymmetrical shawl and has a fun stripe pattern. It calls for 766 to 875 yards and it makes a really nice size shawl.

Comfy Mochi Cowl

Next is Comfy Mochi Cowl. It’s perfect for an advent calendar because it calls for minis. It’s a cowl you can wear over your head to so that makes it even more versatile. It’s worked in diagonal blocks of mesh and solid sections giving it a lot of interest but still letting the variegated yarn show though.

Siren Song

Next is Siren Song. It calls for 562 yards so you can choose 7 minis to work this one. It does also have instructions for making it larger so you could use more too! It has a double crocheted body with a fun honeycomb border that will be fun to crochet and work well with variegated yarn.


Now we have Blurre. This is a larger shawl and uses 919 to 1422 yards so you’ll get to use a lot of your calendar on this one. It’s written to be a relaxing crochet project and gradually changes from one color to the next. It also has 2 sizes and options for widening or narrowing strips, so you can use your full hank and minis here or all minis.

Nalya Wrap

Next is Nalya Wrap. This is a wrap that has zig-zag stripes. It was designed for yarn advent calendars so it’s perfect for this. I love how many ways you could work this fun pattern. It also has tassels and I love tassels and the great thing about them too is the weight can help it stay in place.


Now is Yona. Yona calls for 1 full hank and 5 minis, of course, you could use 10 minis instead. It creates gentle waves and ridges that will really let the yarn sing.

Daydreamer shawl

Next is the Daydreamer shawl. I also have this one in my booth as a sample, but my sample is in DK weight yarn instead of fingering. The pattern has instructions for both. The fingering weight version calls for 1607 yards so you could use a good bit of your advent calendar with this one too. It’s worked like a fade (both shaping and color fading) so it’s the perfect project for a crocheter that wants a fade but doesn’t want to knit one.

Blue Ridge Blossom Shawl

Now we have Blue Ridge Blossom Shawl. It calls for a full hank and 1 mini. For the mini, I’d use one that’s closer to a tonal and with less variegation. It doesn’t need to be a true tonal, just close, like if it has lots of green with bits of yellow and or blue that are close to the greens. For the main body, you could also use minis to replace the full hank.


Next is Bantam. This is a newer pattern and it’s designed for mini-sets so it’s another perfect project for your advent calendar. It has chevron lace and fun stipes, perfect combo of interest and relaxing project. It as 3 sizes and call for 1137 to 2231 yards, so the largest one will use up your whole calendar if you want just 1 project for yours.

Zennor Quoit

And the last crochet pattern is Zennor Quoit. It’s another kite-shaped shawl. If you want to use all minis it will use 12 of your 24. It would be a fun project and a good-sized shawl.

Now before we get to the knit patterns I want to tell you more about my 2019 fall advent calendar. Like my other 2, it has 1 full hank of yarn and 24 minis. All the colorways will also work together in order. I’m also including the number on the colorway tag so you don’t need to make note of it or keep them in order to use them together. The fun part of this one is it’s Monty Python themed! Yes, all the colorways are inspired by the Monty Python movie, Quest of the Holy Grail. I have loved this movie for years and quote it often so it’s the perfect choice for a geeky advent calendar. You can order yours with the button below and be sure to order today because sales close after Oct.

Now for knit patterns!

Flume Wrap

First is Flume Wrap. It’s a fun rectangular wrap that calls for 1 full hank and 6 minis. You’ll want to choose contrasting colorways for this one so the color patterns show up.

Nala Shawl Set

Next up is a set of patterns. It’s the Nala set any of these 3 shawls will work fantastic with minis. The first one Nala’s Shawl is the smallest and perfect for a gift for a little someone or if you want a smaller shawlette. Next is Nala All Grown Up, this one takes inspiration from Nala’s shawl and changes the shape and makes it’s bigger. It’s sideways knit with sections of garter stitch and mesh lace. And the 3rd in this set is Nala’s Big Sister, it’s crescent-shaped like Nala but larger. And the great thing about all of these is part of the proceeds go towards Autism Research because the original was inspired by Amanda’s autistic daughter.

Mini Mazy

Now we have Mini Mazy. It’s worked sideways from the small end to the large. The construction on this gives it a fun unique look.

Goldfish Memory

Next is Goldfish Memory. This one is such a fun pattern and I’ve loved seeing all the ways people have made it. I’d really love to see it in an advent calendar yarn! This pattern is a parallelogram and created on the bias. It uses 1200 yards so you’ll use up a good bit of your advent calendar, but still, have enough left to make another good size project.

Free Falling

Now we have Free Falling. This cowl is designed for minis and has 19 sections in it. It also is written as a recipe so you can freestyle more sections of you’d like. It will really let you have fun with your minis. You could even use the recipe here and make a smaller cowl with anything you have left after a larger project.

Mini Madness Shawl

Next is the Mini Madness Shawl. This one is written to be customizable so you can use as much or as little of your advent calendar yarn as you’d like.


Next is a sock pattern that I have a really fun idea for! It’s called Sorelle. It has wavy stripes. My idea is to choose 5 minis, make the cuff, heels, and toes with 1, then make another sock with 2 of the minis and the other sock with the 2 other ones. This will give you some fun mismatched but coordinating socks!

Pomp and Poms

Now we have a shawl call Pomp and Poms and yes it has pom poms! It calls for 1 full hank and 5 minis, the minis are worked in stripes over the shawl. the pom poms would be fun using a bunch of the minis together!


Next is Triyang. I’ve made this pattern and I have to say, it’s one of the most adaptable patterns I’ve ever seen. It’s worked in 3 sections but there are NO picked up stitches. She really did a great job telling you how to tell how much yarn for each section. It would be a fun knit with all minis or with your full hank and minis.

Adventures in Minis-Land Cowl

Now we have Adventures in Minis-Land Cowl. It has 12 sections and can use 450 to 700 yards of yarn so you can use up as much as you want of your advent calendar.

Litmus Cowl

Next, we have Litmus Cowl. It will use 12 of your minis and a full hank. It’s s simple pattern, knit in the round, perfect for the knit when you just need to relax or car knitting while your traveling.


Now we have Jess shawl. This one uses 700 to 900 yards of yarn and has 5 sections. It’s a triangle-shaped shawl designed to use 3 full hanks of yarn. You can use 15 minis instead of 10 minis and your full hank. In the lace section, I’d use more tonal colorways and in the brioche, section be sure to use contrasting yarns if you want them to pop or closer colored yarns if you want them to be more subtle and blend.


Next is Ljus (pronounced use). This one is spelled Ljus. It’s designed for a full hank and 5 10 gram minis, now my minis are 20 grams, so you could use the other half for other projects, or use 2.5 and save the half for of the one for another project. This one has tassels and I love tassels!

Perfect Blend

Next is Perfect Blend and this is the perfect pattern for your advent calendar because it’s another one designed for mini skeins. It uses 12 minis so you’ll have half your minis left and your full hank for another project. With this one, you can work the colors in order so they blend as you change or you can change them around so you get more contrast. Just choose colorways near each other in the project and you’ll have a shawl that pops and coordinates.

Adventure in minis land wrap-ish

Next is Adventure in minis land wrap-ish, this pattern isn’t released yet, but it will be in soon, maybe by Friday, November 1st. After it’s released I’ll add it to my bundle. This pattern is super flexible. The smaller size uses about 240g and makes a cozy cowl, shawlette, caplet, or short scarf. The large uses about 450g and can be worn in even more ways. I have 2 sneak peeks at these for you on the show notes page.
Follow Amanda Cole of Sky-lee knits on IG here.

Roman Hills

And last but not least is Roman Hills hat. You’ll use about 2.5 hanks of your minis and about half of your full hank. So it’s perfect if you’ve used part of your full hank for another project and have about half leftover.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Also, I have something special for you all! Amandah has offered a coupon code for you all! If you use the code Fairytale you’ll get 20% off any of her patterns. Now her patterns that I talked about in the episode are Jess, the Nala group of patterns (remember there’s 3 in there) Adventures In Minis-Land Cowl, and Adventure in minis land wrap-ish that’s being released in November. And this is good until Dec 1st.

This was really a massive amount of patterns. I will talk to you all next time.

Check out the latest yarn from
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Check out the latest yarn from
Fairy Tale Knits!

They can be all yours!

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