27: More Project Ideas For your Advent Calendar Yarn

Hello and welcome! You’re listening to the Fairy Tale Knits show episode 27. First I want to tell you all about some changes. My shop name has changed, It was Fairy Tale Knits because when I started off I was selling indie dyed yarn and hand-knit items. I got tired of always knitting for other […]

Patterns that work great with big hanks of yarn

23: Yarn Base of the Month: Excalibur

I have a very special yarn base to share with you today! It’s, Excalibur! My largest hank and perfect for shawls! You don’t want to miss this episode!

20: Twenty Last Minute Pattern Gift Ideas

Looking for those last minute gifts you can make for friends or family? Then this episode is for you. I’m bringing you 20 patterns you can whip up in no time!

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14: Perfect Patterns for Your Advent Calendar

Looking for that perfect pattern for your advent calendar yarn? Then don’t miss this episode. I have 12 pattern ideas for you in both knit and crochet!

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2: My New Exclusive Yarn

A new sparkle yarn you can only get from Fairy Tale Knits. Listen to hear about it, patterns that would be perfect for it and how to get it.

10 Fingerless Mitt Patterns Perfect for Indie Dyed Yarn

We all have gone to a show or been online and fallen in love with a hank of yarn because the colors are just PERFECT and of course we HAVE to buy it even if we have no idea what to make with it.  Well here’s some ideas!  I’ll have future blog posts with other […]