10 Fingerless Mitt Patterns Perfect for Indie Dyed Yarn

We all have gone to a show or been online and fallen in love with a hank of yarn because the colors are just PERFECT and of course we HAVE to buy it even if we have no idea what to make with it.  Well here’s some ideas!  I’ll have future blog posts with other pattern ideas.  For today I’m going to focus on fingerless mitts.  These are perfect because you can wear them for a lot of the year so you get to show off your awesome color choices and your handy work more! 

Fingerless Mitt Indie Dyed Yarn

Knitting Patterns

Here are some of my favorite fingerless mitt knitting patterns.

Stitch Up Mitts

by Sunshine Stewart

Stitch Up Mitts
© Sunshine Stewart

I love the fun slip stitch pattern on these! They are just enough to break up any pooling that might happen yet not so much that they would compete with colors.

Circle Mitts

by Sybil R

Circle Mitts
© sybilra

These have such a fun, unique construction!  They would like great with a gradient, self striping or any indie dyed yarn even a variegated one.  The circles won’t be as noticeable with a variegated but they won’t really compete with the colors, more work with them.  I think these are going on my list to make myself.

Hidden Gusset

by Mone Dräger

Hidden Gusset Fingerless Mitts
© GuapaM

These mitts have just enough pattern to them to keep your interested but not so much that they won’t work with variegated yarn.  Also as their name suggests they hide the thumb gusset.  I think they would be perfect for my daughter!



by tincanknits

Maize Mitt Pattern
© Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits patterns are so well written they are great for all level knitters.  If you are a beginner and not sure which pattern to choose, you can’t go wrong with this one.

A River Runs Through Mitt

by Aimee Pelletier

A River Runs Through Mitt
© Darn Knit Anyway

If you love cables but also love variegated indie dyed yarn then this pattern is for you!  The traveling stitches still let the colors of the yarn shine through and give just enough variation to be fun to knit and to wear.

Long Flap Fingerless Mitts

by Lisa Dove

Long Flap Fingerless Mitts
© Lisa Dove

This is the simplest pattern I’ve included but it’s perfect if you want more coverage on your fingers but need to sometimes be able to use them.  The flap easily folds back so you can type or whatever work you you need to do with your fingers.  Then when you are done you can unfold it and keep those fingers toasty warm.

Crochet Patterns

That’s right, I didn’t forget you crocheters out there!

Crocodile Fingerless Gloves

by Meladoras Creations

Crocodile Fingerless Gloves
© Meladoras Creations

I love this stitch pattern!  Love it!  It reminds me of dragon scales and I so love dragons!  It works great with so much yarn too.  


Easy Wrist Warmers

by Danyel Pink

Easy Wrist Warmers
© jennmomto4

When you want something simple to crochet these are a great choice.  They will also let the great colors in your yarn be the spotlight.  They are worked sideways too to give a different look and nice lines.



by Yarn-Madness

© cec79

I’m not very good at crocheting, but these are calling my name!  I love the simplicity and that it doesn’t have a thumb because I think I might be able to knit wearing these.


Idony Fingerless Gloves

by Sarah Francis

Idony Fingerless Gloves
by lowenek

And we come to my last pattern.  This one caught my eye because of the detail near the wrist and the beads.  Beads can be the perfect addition to your favorite yarn.  And remember you don’t have to choose a color in your yarn.  Something in the same color family or something neutral always looks great.

So that’s my list.  Which was your favorite?


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