Learn to Knit Resources

There is a lot to learn when you start knitting. I’ve pulled together some of the best resources to help you along the way.

First, you want to follow the video below if you are starting with a long twisted hank of yarn like this.

Next here are 2 videos to help you make a center-pull cake of yarn. You can also make a ball instead if you’d like. The big thing to remember is to keep the loop neat and don’t just pull on it, unwrap around the loop so it keeps that loop shape.

Now to actually start knitting. First, let me explain the different parts of knitting. Cast on is what gets the stitches on your needles. Next is your actual work. Everything is based on the knit stitch. Everything in your work will be a variation or part of the knit stitch. This will make more sense when you learn about the purl stitch, decreases, increases and such. Just know it’s all based on that knit stitch. And last is binding off, this gets the stitches off your needles.

For cast on I always recommend the knitted cast-on because it’s the closest to the actual knit stitch and makes going from casting on to knitting a lot easier. Here’s a tutorial for the knitted cast on. I recommend practicing this, ripping it out (take it off the needle and pull it out) and casting on again.

Next is your first project. There are a few things you can do here. When I have taught knitting at our homeschool co-op I’ve had my students start with non-superwash wool (meaning wool that can be felted) and making a hot pad that they felt so they felt out all their mistakes. Next idea is to make a scarf. It’s a common first project because it can be so basic. It’s a lot like the hot pad in its simplicity, but longer. I’ll give directions for both below.

Another option is to choose a simple project and just learn the different parts as you go. If you’re more adventurous or like to jump into new crafts, this might be what you want to do. One thing I do recommend before starting your project if you choose this route is to learn the knitted cast on and knit stitch before starting your project. You can also keep this starter work on the needles while you learn the new techniques so you can use it to practice all your new skills. If this is how you’d like to start knitting, you can check out the projects I have below after the videos for ideas.

Knit Stitch:

Purl Stitch:

Bind off

Now for the Scarf

Working with worsted weight yarn
Cast on 25 stitches
Knit every stitch until you have about half the yarn worked or half the length of the scarf.
Purl every stitch until you you’ve worked the other half of the scarf
Bind off

This pattern will give you equal time knitting and purling.

Here’s a set of patterns I put together that you can try out that are great for beginners.

Also, this is a great channel on YouTube for tutorials when you want to learn more techniques.