You Always Need Another Bag, Now You Can Have One

I used to keep all my projects in ziplock bags.  But the problem was the needles always poked holes in the plastic and they got really ratty looking.  Then I found Star Knits and now I love having a project bag for each project and that means a lot of bags!

Buy All The Bags!

Allena from Star Knits puts a lot of craftsmanship into her bags.  Each one is lined and has pockets that are also lined.  There are no exposed seams or ends and come with a key ring tab for easy clip and go, either with a carabiner or a key fob.  This is a great feature because you can clip it to your belt loop if you want to walk and knit or to the inside of your bag to make sure it doesn’t fall out and you lose it.

Her bags are also fun!  She puts a lot of thought into the fabric she puts on the side to make it not just coordinate but also for the theme to match.  She has a great eye for fun fabrics that make great bags and carries a wide variety to choose from.  So no matter what you like (gnomes, hedgehogs, fairies, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, bright colors, whimsical patterns) she carries something you will love.

Spinning Collection

Spinning Buckets

I have several spinning buckets and baskets from Star Knits.  The large baskets are great because they stand up on their own and hold so much stuff!  I love the smaller ones (buckets) because she puts a snap on the handle so you can hang it from your wheel!  How smart is that!

Project Bags Favorites

Her project bags range from drawstring bags, zipper top bags, triangle bags, and project boxes (including sock boxes).  The sizes also vary so no matter how big or small you can find a bag for your project.

Everything Else

Everything Else

In addition to bags, she also carries handmade FABdoris.  They are Midori style Traveler’s notebooks.  The perfect notebook for bullet journaling.  She also makes and carries a lovely variety of stitch markers and crochet hooks with nice clay handles.


Allena and her sister Jessica also host a podcast for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.  If you aren’t a part of the house cup you should come join us!  It’s so much fun and really helps keep projects on track better because you complete them for homework and points for your house.  Their podcast is fun to watch and each month they go over the homework and ideas for projects to complete them and they share things they are doing in their shops and lives.

So if you don’t have project bags or don’t have enough (and you can never have enough) then head on over to her shop and check them out.

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