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3: 12 Tips for New (and not so new) Knitters

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Tips for Beginning Knitters

  1. Circular Needles can be used for flat knitting
  2. Short projects are good for learning new things
  3. Hats make great swatches when you use the same type of needle
  4. Check your work and count your stitches often the faster you find your mistakes the better
  5. YouTube is your friend, you can learn a lot there and if one video doesn’t help look for another one.  When that fails, reach out to your LYS for a class, they are worth the cost.
  6. Keep your stitches moving along your needle when you don’t keep the stitches you are working on moving up, you can get uneven stitches.
  7. Practice knitting without looking
  8. Learn to read your knitting
  9. Learn to fix mistakes without ripping everything out
  10. Paid patterns are often worth the price
  11. Like with other things, you get what you pay for with yarn.
  12. If you can’t get a ball winder and a swift, get a swift first.  Don’t use a mixer to wind your yarn!

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Check out the latest yarn from
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