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22: Why Fiber Arts are Good For You

Info about my challenge!

I’m so excited about this challenge for February! Here’s what I have planned.
First, there’s going to be prizes! YAY! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. I’ll post pictures of the prized in my FB Group and on IG so be sure you are in my group or following me on IG (or both).

Here’s how you participate

Every day in February work on your chosen craft for 15 mins and post pictures each day you do. Different things will earn you points. At the beginning of March I’ll draw 3 winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.

Before it starts you are going to want to join Adventures with Fairy Tale Knits (my FB group) and follow me on IG. These are where you’ll earn points.

How to earn points

  • Tell me you a joining! Find the post on IG or in my FB group and let me know you are joining. If you are joining in both places, be sure to tell me your name in each place. (1 point)
  • Tag friends on IG that you think would like to join (1 point per friend)
  • Share a pic every day you work on your craft (1 point for each share)
    • In my Fb group, there will be a thread for sharing it that I’ll post every week, just put the day of the week you did that work.
    • On IG use the hashtag #FTKgetyourfiberon
    • Yes you can post both places and get 2 points each day.

The most important thing here is for use to do our crafts more often or to keep up with doing them often if we already are. If it will help you I’d love to see before and after pictures, or to see progress keepers so you can see how far you really are coming. Let’s make February better 1 stitch at a time!

Check out the latest yarn from
Fairy Tale Knits!

They can be all yours!

Check out the latest yarn from
Fairy Tale Knits!

They can be all yours!

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