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22: Why Fiber Arts are Good For You

We all want to improve our health, both mental and physical. Fiber arts can do just that. Listen to hear more.

How to Add a Missed Yo

Here’s a quick video on how to add a yo when you’ve forgotten it the row below.

Meet Jess

Next I’d like you all to meet Jess. Jess has been helping me as a VA (virtual assistant) for a year now. She’s awesome because she understands me and my […]

Meet the Fairy Tale Knits Team

Meet Sarah

The Fairy Tale Knits Team I couldn’t do all I do without help. This week you’re going to meet the newest team member, Sarah. Sarah will be writing most of […]

fiber vendors, knitting, crochet

21: What Fiber Vendors Wish You Knew

Have you ever wondered what it’s like running a fiber business? Today I talk about the things many fiber vendors wish more people knew.

20: Twenty Last Minute Pattern Gift Ideas

Looking for those last minute gifts you can make for friends or family? Then this episode is for you. I’m bringing you 20 patterns you can whip up in no time!

knitting, gauge swatch help, yarn podcast

19: The Dreaded Gauge Swatch

Do you need help with making your gauge swatch not lie?  Listen now for my tips!

17: Project Update!

Project update! Tune in to hear where I am on all my projects.