How to Tink and How to Frog title with subtitle to fix mistakes in your knitting on a purple shape with yarn background

How to Tink and How to Frog

Today I’m sharing the first step on how to fix mistakes in your knitting. I’ll show you have to tink and how to frog your knitting so you can get back to where the spot you need to fix a mistake.

27: More Project Ideas For your Advent Calendar Yarn

Hello and welcome! You’re listening to the Fairy Tale Knits show episode 27. First I want to tell you all about some changes. My shop name has changed, It was Fairy Tale Knits because when I started off I was selling indie dyed yarn and hand-knit items. I got tired of always knitting for other […]

Adding a Missed Yo

It’s so frustrating when you’re working a pattern and you realize you’ve missed a yo. It can really slow down your progress to have to tink back to fix this mistake. Here I’ll share with you how to fix this mistake without tinking!

25: Chatting with Barb from Pittsburgh Creative Art Festival

I had a chance to talk with Barb from Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival and we had a fabulous chat! This is one of my favorite events each year and I hope to see you there. Until then you can listen in to our chat!

Untangled Part 1

A fiber Story She opened the shutters to let in the daylight and sighed heavily. Another day, another mysterious delivery. Her milk and bread for breakfast were sitting on top of the large paper-wrapped bale. At least this prison kept her fed, and gave her something to do each day. She gazed out the tiny […]

Get Cozy

Getting cozy with your pet and your fiber is good for you!

What’s in the bag?

I’m a ‘bag lady’. I have a work bag, a knitting bag, a crochet bag, an embroidery bag, a whole bunch of reusable grocery totes that occasionally become secondary project bags, a bag in my car with emergency supplies, a tool bag, and as I look around my crafting space I currently have a bag […]

Patterns that work great with big hanks of yarn

23: Yarn Base of the Month: Excalibur

I have a very special yarn base to share with you today! It’s, Excalibur! My largest hank and perfect for shawls! You don’t want to miss this episode!